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The Implications Of Youths Intervention; A Call For Leadership Reorientation In Nigeria Politics « Emperornaij


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The Implications Of Youths Intervention; A Call For Leadership Reorientation In Nigeria Politics

Published by on October 27th, 2020.

The Implications Of Youths Intervention; A Call For Leadership Reorientation In Nigeria Politics

Written by – Adeyemi O. Abdulwasiu

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Globally, youths comprise the majority of the world population, especially in most African States like Nigeria where youths are only fit for governed and not governing. Whereas, those elders one are not really interesting in promoting young shall rule policy.


In Nigeria, as the subject of analysis; the 5% elders continue to uphold the position of plenipotentiaries, while 95% of the youths’ interest of ruling become a fleeting mirage since they failed to fight the battle tactically.

Recently, and precisely, on 20th of October 2020. Nigerian youths undergone massive protest on #EndSARS which tended to eradicate the practice of SARS professional action particularly, those online specialized guys throughout the nation.

The federal government, in this wise, after a number of compromises, finally yielded to their (youths) appeal. Which mean, people’s interest still manifesting in Nigeria as a Democratic nation.

Buttressing the above preposition, George Orwell has once submitted that, “The day people realised that, If they are in large unified number, they can demand anything from their government, is the day government is in trouble, that’s why the keep us divided”

Literarily speaking therefore, to see what is not there, one must gaze upon what is, which can be interpreted as the fact that, not all those minded youths for change in government pragmatically desire the same dynamism. As humans are not equal in thinking faculty; one may belong to good minded while other may subscribe to devil promotion.

However, Aftermath of this protest, President of Nigeria addressed this nation with respect to abide with the youths decision to end SARS. But unfortunately, Protestants turned to thieves through whom various private enterprises were looted. Are those the youths we are aspiring for? What a disgrace!

The point is, if government is occupied with the elders and we are complaining of maladministration, political epileptic, corruption and leadership instability: Opinion is to change the ruling bodies, who are those youths fitted enough for these positions? Hence, elders are found it complicated to realise our ends instead, they pursue their needs.

Economically, resources is not my country problem, hence management by objective becomes an hallucination in practice and purpose. Inadequacy of technical-know-how leaders continue to be an issue affecting this economy. Change in government and not change of government will do.

Constitutionally, Nigeria government are spending not less $2,18,685.00 on legislative bodies comprised 109 senators and 360 house of representatives. Out of which, we have their basic salary of N2,484,246.50, constituency Allowance of N4,968,509.00, Newspaper Allowance of N1,242,122.70, Wardrobe Allowance of N621,061.37 to mention but few. Whereas, average salary of Nigeria worker based on the national minimum wage is N18,000.00.

Since, bicameral cost all this, why not reducing the government expenditure by practicing unicameral which will allow only a single chamber of legislature which will allow not only fast decision making but also promote adequate responsibility. Many country in the world fall under these two dynamism and their development is realistic. Why are we finding it difficult?

Metaphorically, the sabre-toothed tiger of the leaders had been causing phobia to the infants (I.e masses) frittering enough in exercising their constitutionally freedoms. Protest can be a mean to change and correct the misdeed of the ruler, when such is pragmatise with a view to realizing state’s development, even revolutionary move.

Nigeria celebrated her 60th years of independent while still depending on foreign economies for her development, economically, Nigeria, as a mixed economy, allowed private ownership and in this wise, price control system continue to become a flying horse. For this, price mechanism is determined by the Private property. Karl Marx has once posited that, “if the economic of a state is determined by an individual, it will affect the structure and the super structure.

Continue from the above, if there should be a perfect country for the people, then not only the institutions should be corrected but also the economy regulatory bodies. An individual can not determine the economy of the state, because no one can do the work of thousand at the same time. As maintained by the Marxists

In conclusion, the two determinants are the foundation upon which every state in the world is erected. That is, politics and economy. A problem in one will surely affect the other, because once a state find it difficult to develop economically it can never develop politically.

God bless Nigeria!!!




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